WonderCon Green Lantern Trailer

Thanks to the wonders of YouTube and comic conventions we have an extra long trailer to go with this years Green Lantern movie thanks to WonderCon.

Going off the new trailer it would seem Abin Sur is infected by the yellow power of the Parallax before he dies. He then brings the evil back to earth to take over mad scientist Hector Hammond while in the search for a new barer for the ring.

Posted by Adi Mursec on April 3, 2011


A Positive Green Lantern Review

Finally got round to seeing The Green Lantern.I have to say I didn’t think it was as bad as a lot of reviews made it out to be.

Ryan Reynolds talks behind the scenes of Green Lantern Footage

The Green Lantern movie has pushed digital graphics in movies ahead years. DC have released a short behind the scenes video about how they made the movie.

Green Lantern World Wide Release Dates

Arguably this years biggest comic book movie is due out in most places 17th June 2011 but the world wide release dates do vary slightly.

Green Lantern Guardians Concept Art

The first good group shot of the Guardians from the Green Lantern movie has been released thanks to an awesome T-Shirt design.

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