Green Lantern concept art

Out of all the comic book movies made over the last decade and next few years I cant imagine any being as difficult to bring to life as the Green Lantern movie due for release around June 17th 2011.

All the best comics have weird creatures and characters which make it difficult for a lot of film makers to take from comic pages to the big screen.

In the early days of comic book movies it might have just been simple things like how to hide the wires holding flying super heroes up maybe even turning a building on its side for the caped crusaders to climb up. But nothing so far has been as difficult as Green Lantern will be to being to life.

Nobody seem to know exactly where these have surfaced from but it’s possible the movie studio have leaked these on purpose to see how fans react to the ideas so far. Mainly because a lot of the Green Lanterns story will appear in space and distant planets and they will need to draw a line on how close they are willing to go to the comic.

Concept art found leaked so far

Posted by Adi Mursec on January 31, 2010


A Positive Green Lantern Review

Finally got round to seeing The Green Lantern.I have to say I didn’t think it was as bad as a lot of reviews made it out to be.

Ryan Reynolds talks behind the scenes of Green Lantern Footage

The Green Lantern movie has pushed digital graphics in movies ahead years. DC have released a short behind the scenes video about how they made the movie.

WonderCon Green Lantern Trailer

We have a new trailer for Green Lantern from WonderCon which is longer than the others and give us more insight into Hals origin as the Green Lantern

Green Lantern World Wide Release Dates

Arguably this years biggest comic book movie is due out in most places 17th June 2011 but the world wide release dates do vary slightly.

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