Sasha Calle cast as Supergirl in the DC movies

In 2015 when the firsts season of Supergirl aired nobody could have expected how popular Melissa Benoist’s portrayal of the last daughter of Krypton could be. The show took off so fast it left a sonic boom. It contained a reinvented version of a lot of characters but really delivered on telling the story of a wider DC universe.

With the TV show heading into its sixth and final series it leaves a massive opportunity for WB to move forward with a new Supergirl in the movies. The idea of a new Supergirl was teased back in 2013 with the Man of Steel, one of the stasis pods was opened on the Krypton exploration ship leaving many fans wondering if that would open the door to Supergirl.

Thanks to the new Flash Movie it looks like we are finally getting a new live action Supergirl sooner than expected. The latest announcement is that Sasha Calle has been cast in the movie which starts filming in England this year.

Sasha will be joining Ezra Miller,Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton in what will probably be the biggest movie of 2022.

The news does leave a few questions. Was the TV show cancelled so WB could move on a movie or did the show just come to a natural end and leave the door open for the movie casting to take place.

Supergirl has been a huge part of the DC comics universe for years and just having a small part in The Flash movie will be unlikely, I’d expect if the movie goes well we could see a few solo movies for Supergirl.

It could also be a hint at WB setting up the next big movie event, maybe Crisis on Infinite Earths and they want a fuller movie roster.

Either way the fast WB have so far cast Michael Keaton and a new Supergirl for the Flash movie tells me anything could happen.

Posted by Adi Mursec on February 19, 2021


Michael Keatons Batman made the new Flash suit

Flash movie concept art shows his new costume along with the Michael Keaton Batman who appears to be the one who made it.

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