Michael Douglas is Ant-man

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The latest movie news from Marvel has cast Michael Douglas as the original Ant-man technology inventor Hank Pym leaving Paul Rudd as the second Ant-man Scott Lang.

It’s a strange twist but fits in with a lot of recent Ant-man script developments. It’s an interesting move on Marvels part to start with the second Ant-man instead of the first. It gives them room for flash backs like in Captain America or even for Scott Lang who will be Paul Rudds version of Ant-Man to develop the Giant Man suit and really add a whole new dimension to the Avengers.

If they go with the flash backs it might be possible to overlap the story with Captain America and Iron Mans history by having Howard Stark as a co inventer. Whatever Edgar Wright has planned for the movie it just got a whole lot more interesting.

Posted by Adi Mursec on January 13, 2014

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