Lobo is heading to Krypton for season 2

The first season of Krypton came as a bit or a surprise, I thought it would be good but really took focus away from all the other comic book TV shows at the time. It had a really creative story line which added some good quality material and concepts to the whole Krypton mythology.

The whole idea of bringing Superman’s greatest villains to a new series was ambitious and it worked very well, it’s the lineup of super-villains which made me think Lex Luthor might make an appearance in Krypton season 2.

One new surprising character has signed up to make an appearance as Lobo has been cast for season 2 as Emmett Scanlan will be playing the character.

At the moment we don’t know much about his part in the series, if it will be a one off episode or a long running part. Either way if the first season is anything to go off we’re going to see a few more characters join in too.

Posted by Adi Mursec on October 5, 2018


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