Krypton season 1 review

Krypton season 1 review

"A total must see series for any DC comics fan."

5/5 Reviewed by Adi Mursec

Now when Krypton was originally announced I honestly wasn’t that excited, even being a massive Superman fan, the show just didn’t pull me in. I guess I may have pre judged it going off Gotham and a few other comic based TV shows which didn’t do their comic counter parts justice.

One thing that Krypton does have going for it is David S. Goyer who wrote movies like Blade and the Dark Knight movies. I’m not sure how Goyer manages to capture the raw excitement of comics and rewrite it into a live action incarnation but he managed to recreate that magic you get reading a good comic and translate it to the screen.

But series about Superman’s grandfather, can even David S. Goyer make that watchable?

He can and he’s also made it into one of the coolest comic book TV shows and created a whole world which we’ve known of for years but never really explored. Krypton is a really well put together TV series which seems aimed at fans of the comics and won’t disappoint any Superman fan.

The basic story of the series is about Krypton some 200 years before it’s destruction. A human superhero named Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos) travels back to Krypton through time and space to warn Superman’s grandfather Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) of a coming threat, Superman’s greatest enemy has travelled back in time to change time and stop even his father from being born.

When Adam Strange travels back in time everything seems to point to the threat being Brainiac, we’re 200 years before Krypton gets destroyed and here he is early, or is he. This situation leads on to some amazing writing, for instance. Do they save Kandor from being taken and in turn stop the destruction of Krypton, or do they let Krypton blow up so they can send Superman to Earth and in turn save Earth.

The show is just so well thought out, it creates a whole new take on this world we’ve probably never thought about but has had such an important role in forming the DC universe.

Where the Gotham show promised to take a look at the origin of it’s villains I think it went down hill when they started watering them down and didn’t show any of the villains at their best. Krypton on the other hand features a few of Superman’s main villains and we see them at what could possibly be their best live action incarnations.

Brainiac is the version the one where he’s an alien, but the straight up computer created by Jor-El which we’ve seen most times. He’s like something from a horror movie, some sort of intergalactic collector with no regard to life other than the ones he chooses to add to his collection.

We also get teased a visit from Doomsday, this one is much more closer to the comic incarnation that the abomination we saw in Batman vs Superman. Although he is kept in stasis through most of the series he does look amazing and has a compatible back story to the comics.

We also get surprised by a really well written Zod with a back story which makes sense and really amplifies the back story we already know. He’s a very smart and tactical commander who has one mission which is to save Krypton from Brainiac.

Overall I just love how much thought has gone into this series and it’s development. Syfi has confirmed season 2 of Krypton and I can’t stop wondering what they might bring into the fold. Will Lex Luthor have found a way to travel to Kryptons past too some how? Will they find a way to save Krypton and still send Superman to Earth, who knows but if David S. Goyer remains attached I have great hopes for this series.

The only bad point I have with series like this is that I wish they were all on Netflix, so many shows like Constantine and even the new Cobra Kai series would do so much better with increased distribution. They don’t need to put them all on Netflix if there is some sort of legal conflict but just make sure they are easily available to everyone.

Posted by Adi Mursec on June 2, 2018


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