First Syfy Krypton Trailer looks amazing

The first trailer for the Syfy production of Krypton, it’s set 200 years before the Man of Steel movie and created by David S. Goyer. That’s enough to grab my attention but now they have released this trailer it looks interesting, a very different take to that of Gotham.



Trailer removed as requested by Universal Pictures – we may not bother covering Krypton news due to this.

It’s interesting that Universal / Syfy have requested all news sites remove the trailer, it’s even been deleted from most youtube accounts that hosted it. Possibly due to a change in the series which they wanted to cover up.

Posted by Adi Mursec on April 18, 2017


Lobo is heading to Krypton for season 2

One new surprising character has signed up to make an appearance as Lobo has been cast for season 2 as Emmett Scanlan will be playing the character

Krypton season 1 review

A review of Krypton season one which massively improves on comic book TV shows like Gotham. It’s been developed by David S. Goyer and a must see for any DC fan.

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