Solomon Grundy Confirmed Villain in Arkham City

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Rocksteady Studios made a masterpiece of a computer game with Arkham Asylum, when it was released many people thought it was like Ocarina of Time but replacing Link with Batman and Hyrule with an asylum of crazed prisoners.

The sequel Arkham City has taken everything that made the first game an epic success and times it by ten. More gadgets, more gadgets, more costumes and a city full of new villains.

One of the newest additions to the game is Soloman Grundy the zombie super villain of the DC universe. Compared to most of the games villains Soloman will be a in the same league as Killer Crock and probably the biggest fightable character in either of the games.

This is just one of the amazing spoilers we have seen recently and since the game isn’t out till October there will be loads more surprises for the fans.

Visit more on the game.

Posted by Adi Mursec on August 14, 2011

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