Thought Bubble 2011 Guest List

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The Thought Bubble Convention held in Leeds each year is something for any comic fan to look forward to. This year it’s something extra special with the first two day session.

During the 19th and 20th of November 2011 fans get to meet one of the greatest guest lineups in comic history, well for the UK anyway.

Guests will include DC Legends Tim Sale and Adam Hughes who will also be signing at Travelling Man a few days before the event.

For the super lucky there will be a pre convention party on the Friday and a mid convention part on the Saturday, both are free to attend but places on the guest list are super limited.

With this being the first two day Thought Bubble I’m not sure if all guests will be available on both days.

Full Thought Bubble Guest List

Adam Hughes

Tim Sale

Jeff Lemire

Posy Simmonds

Gail Simone

David Aja

Suzy Varty


Nick Spencer

Peter Milligan

Grant Perkins

Greg Staples

Stephen Downey

Mark Buckingham

Roger Landridge

Dan McDaid

Gary Northfield

Dave Shelton

Simone Lia


Etherington Bros

Ian Edginton

Lee Garbett

Doug Braithwaite

Cameron Stewart

Stephen Wacker

Rufus Dayglo

Curtis Jobling

Time Bomb Comics

Kev Walker

Jordie Bellaire

Jim Alexander

Al Ewing

Colin MacNeil

Gary Erskine

Barry Kitson

Uli Oesterle

Ian Churchill

Nick Kyme

Neil Roberts

Graham McNeill

Mary Talbot

Darryl Cunningham

Phil Winslade

Paul Gravett

Dave Taylor

Nicola Streeten


Lee Carter

Cy Dethan

Henry Flint

John Watson

Pete Doree

INJ Culbard

Leah Moore & John Reppion

Tony Harris

Peter Doherty


Marie O’Regan

Paul Kane

Al Davison


Robert Deas

Kate Brown

Sarah McIntyre

Gillian Rogerson

Simon Davis

Adi Granov

Mick McMahon

Dave Gibbons

Tony Lee

Tim Perkins

Esad Ribic

Paul Duffield


Bryan Talbot


Jack Lawrence

Declan Shalvey

Charlie Adlard

Robin Furth

Antony Johnston

Rob Williams

Sean Phillips

Simon Spurrier

Duncan Fegredo

Richard Starkings

Emma Vieceli

Allison Sohn

Kieron Gillen

Jamie McKelvie

Boo Cook

Andy Diggle

Mike Carey – Canceled

Ben Templesmith – Canceled

Paul Cornell – Canceled

Posted by Adi Mursec on November 8, 2011

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