Thought Bubble 2013 run down

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The 2013 Thought Bubble convention held in Leeds was the biggest the organisers have put together since it started in 2008. The convention has steadily grown attracting more guests, more visitors and taking up more of Leeds with everything now taking up three halls.

For anyone who hasn’t been to a Thought Bubble convention before it’s a great UK convention to go to due to the mix of comics and manga and also an amazing guest list from Marvel and DC artists mixed in with indie publishers so there is something for everyone.

Thought Bubble also has a few awesome guests who have become regular guests like Adi Granov the guy who made Iron Man look so awesome in the movies, Richard Starkings who is always mega popular in the UK along with Transformers veteran and Marvel legend Andrew Wildman. All of which are amazing to meet along with dozens of other guests who attended.

Something that really made this years Thought Bubble extra cool was being able to get a sketch from Andrew Wildman and then getting it digitally coloured by John-Paul Bove another Transformers artist is an awesome opportunity. I’ve got sketches at conventions before but getting a copy of it lined, coloured and printed is awesome and probably the coolest thing I’ve brought back from a convention.

One of the most popular indie publishers there was Subversive comics, the ones behind Bearlands and Metal Made Flesh. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get any spoilers out of Jeremy Biggs. I was really hoping to get a sketch by Simeon Aston but he didn’t make it to the convention due to other commitments but with the Kick Starter for MMF going so well and hitting target after two days I think a lot of fans would have loved to meet him.

Being a massive fan of Elephantmen I had to say hi to Richard Starkings and Boo Cook. Boo was mega busy all weekend sketching and even working as a DJ on the mid con party. I’ve been trying to get a sketch from Boo every year at Thought Bubble and each year get a little closer.

One thing that I think effected this years Thought Bubble was that MCM Birmingham was also on the same weekend which leaves people who go to comic conventions divided. From looking at the guest list Robert Llewellyn (Kryten in Red Dwarf) managed to appear at both conventions in the same weekend, legend!.

Compared to other conventions Thought Bubble is very much focused on comics and manga books. They had a few tables selling merchandise but I’d have loved to see more toys and figurines just to add more variety. Also even though we had three halls to explore this year all the main guests were along the one wall in the main hall which meant keeping track of which line you were in was pretty tough.

Location wise I’ve never had a problem with getting around Thought Bubble, it’s a short walk from Leeds centre where they have a few comic shops in the area.

Overall I’d highly recommend visiting Thought Bubble in Leeds. It’s generally a cold weekend but with a very warm welcome. It’s probably one for comic collectors and people who really want to explore what’s out there in terms of different comic genres. It’s a great opportunity to meet artists and writers and talk to them about what they have been working on.

Posted by Adi Mursec on November 24, 2013

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