Marvel and Image Comics doing talent search at Thought Bubble

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It may be all about NYCC this week but for those in the UK its drawing close to Thought Bubble 2012 and the full program has just been published as they prepare for the biggest turn out yet.

This year gives artists two chances to get your portfolios reviewed as talent scouts from both Image Comics and Marvel will be making appointments over the weekend. These opportunities are becoming rare in the UK so it’s a great opportunity for artists to move up from making indie comics in your bedroom to being picked up by two comic giants.

The Marvel portfolio review will be conducted by senior Marvel editor Stephen Wacker on a one to one basis but first you will need to submit your portfolio to by 11th November 2012.

For those interested in working for Image Comics and possibly getting a shot at working on titles like the Walking Dead and Elephantmen, Executive Director of Image Comics Eric Stephenson will be your man. Again you will also need to send your portfolio via email to in advance.

Good luck to all those who enter and thanks again to Team Thought Bubble for the hard work.

For the full Thought Bubble 2012 program here’s the link.

Posted by Adi Mursec on October 14, 2012

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