James McAvoy cast as Professor X for X-men First Class

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Back in 2000 the X-Men movie franchise broke down a lot of walls for comic book movies. They managed to make a comic book movie which introduced the general cinema going public to a whole team of comic super heroes.

If it wasn’t for Brian Singer‘s vision of the X-Men we may not of had the chance to get a kick-ass Avengers movie to look forward to.

After Star Trek – Patrick Stewart was the obvious choice for Professor X but for the latest take on the character Marvel needed a younger actor with a good comic book movie following which is where James McAvoy comes in.

James McAvoy grabbed comic fans approval when he played Wesley Gibson in the movie version of Mark Millar’s Wanted.

X-Men First Class is scheduled to be released June 3rd 2011 which will likely be just before Wanted 2 depending on which film needs more editing and polishing up.

2011 could be the best year ever for comic book movies, so far we have Thor, Green Lantern, Deadpool, X-men, Captain America, Tranformers 3 already confirmed along with Ghost in the Shell, Y The last man and Wonder Woman as rumoured. Blimey I cant wait as it mgiht even be worth buying one of those year long cinema passes.

Posted by Adi Mursec on May 29, 2010

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