John F Kennedy killed by Magnito in latest viral for X-Men

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The latest viral campaign for X-Men Days of Future Past is one of the most controversial micro sites made to sell a movie.

It’s attention grabbing to all with the amount of work and back story which has gone into this. The site contains a lot of detail and re writes history in a similor way to Watchmen did by maing America win the Vietnam war. On the site they reference events from X-men First Class and fill in the gap between Days of Future Past blaming mutants for most of the political problems the world has.

The site The Bent Bullet focuses on Magnito being responsible for Kenedys assasination. It’s divided a lot of fans with some thinking it’s one of the greatest ideas for a viral ever and many thinking it is too close to the anniversary of Kennedy’s assasination and in bad taste.

Either way you see the viral it shows they are putting a lot of effort in the back story of this movie which could be one of the biggest and most ambitious comic book movies ever made.

Posted by Adi Mursec on November 26, 2013

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