Doctor Strange toy leaks another possible spoiler

Toy lines have often been the hard4est thing to keep under-wraps for comic book movies. Toy lines have recently given us huge spoilers for movies like Spider-man and Thor Love and Thunder which gave us the first look at Natalie Portman as Thor.

Although the latest toy leak doesn’t look like a huge deal it’s more what it could imply that’s really interesting.

The toy of the topic is an upcoming Funko Pop-vinyl of Superior Strange. Now in the new movie Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness we can expect to see a variant or two of Strange but this particular one indicates the What If series is more canon than we might have thought.

With Superior Strange in there could this be a strong nod to us getting Superior Iron man played by Tom Cruise?

Could Black Widow return to the MCU in the future if they took the of the MArvel zombies episode of What If?

Either way, it’s amazing that we are finding out more and more about the movie even with it being so close to its release date inĀ  May.




Posted by Adi Mursec on March 5, 2022


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