Tom Cruise to play Iron Man

For most MCU fans it’s well-known knowledge that Tom Cruise was once the front-runner to play Iron Man, back before the films came out artists would even draw actors slated to play parts in the movies into the comics such as the original Samuel L Jackson in Mark Millars Ultimates.

A Tom Cruise like Tony stark even made it into the Extremis series which was drawn by long-time MCU concept artist Adi Granov.

Here we are years later with the MCU heading into phase 4 and it looks like fans of the idea will finally get to see Tom Cruise suit up as Iron Man. The news that Cruise might play a variant of Tony Stark has been rumored since the movie started production but this image which has been making its way around social media looks to be legit and the first real evidence.

In the picture, we see someone who looks remarkably like Cruise with a motion capture suit on like those we’ve seen numerous times on Marvel sets.

Below we have the picture which is believed to be Tom Cruise.

Below here we can see Mark Ruffalo in a similar suit.

Other rumors have said that this variant of Tony Stark is a bit of a super-powerful lone wolf. He possesses three of the infinity stones and keeps the head of Thanos in a jar.

This movie is the first MCU title since Spider-man: No Way Home which was pretty highly rated and thought of as one of the best movies of the year if not the whole MCU slate.

They have also managed to bring back comic book movie legend Sam Raimi to direct which sold the movie to most fans alone, this movie could push the bar even higher in terms of expectations.

Posted by Adi Mursec on January 23, 2022


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