Deadpool movie review

Deadpool movie review

"Action, comedy, violence and Morena Baccarin. What's not to love"

5/5 Reviewed by Adi Mursec

With this movie being on hiatus for pretty much ten years I’m so glad they actually got round to making it. I think over that time they have had so many ideas and then cut it down to just the most amazing concepts as this film is just 100% awesome. This movie breaks the mould for a comic book movie in every way possible. It’s fresh, original and makes you forget the Avengers or Batman even exist.

Right from the start the movie lets you know it’s just for fun with spoof opening credits and jumping right into that action scene on the motorway that we saw in the trailer we get the idea this isn’t going to be just another comic book movie. From all the comic book movies I’ve seen I think Ryan Reynolds Deadpool is probably the most accurate to his comic counterpart in way of attitude and mannerisms. If you’re a fan of the comics or even read just one Deadpool cross over you will recognise that unique style of humour but if you haven’t ever read a comic at all this movie is still going to be very enjoyable.

The casting for this movie is perfect, if one good thing came out of that first Wolverine solo movie it’s that they cast the right guy to play Deadpool. Even though Ryan Reynolds has said he is just playing the same character he did in Blade Trinity that smart talking anti hero it’s just perfect for Deadpool. Casting Morena Baccarin (Gotham, Homeland) pretty much improves any movie and giving her the leading feamle role as Wade’s girlfriend Venessa worked really well. You get to see some amazing chemistry between the two and you don’t only see the origin to Deadpool but seeing their relationship develop is beautiful movie making. Even without the action in this movie it would be enjoyable to to see these two throw lines at each other.

Part of the marketing campaign for the movie was a few spoof movie posters making it look more like a cheesy romance movie, something it’s not too far from. It’s the perfect valentines day movie.

The basic plot is based around just introducing us to who Deadpool is, how he got his powers and why he chooses to use them. He’s not a bad guy but he is by far not a good guy either. Everything he does he does for himself in one way or another.

Adding a few X-men to the movie was a great movie too, Colossus he needed a bigger movie part since the first X-men movie and although the CGI looked a bit choppy I think it was just right for this movie as it doesn’t take its self too seriously. Then we also have another Hit-girl esc character with┬áNegasonic Teenage Warhead who I hope Fox bring into the X-men movies. We don’t see any other X-men other that those two but we don’t really need to at this point.

One thing to note is the violence in this movie. To be honest there wasn’t too much. In England it’s only rated a 15+ movie and with all the news about it being banned in some countries I was expecting a lot more gore but it was more slap stick violence and over exaggerated slow mo shots. All the action scenes were really well choreographed and beautifully shot even though they were mostly CGI but looked amazing on the big screen.

Fox have got so much confidence in this movie it’s already got a sequel in production and to be honest I’d love for them to release ten of them. There are also a few Wovlerine jokes in the movie and I’m wondering if that movie will be able to live up to the awesomeness of this.

There is a great and possibly the best Stan Lee cameo in Deadpool and there is one post credits scene which involved Deadpool in a dressing gown telling us about how they are planning on bringing Cable in for the sequel.

Posted by Adi Mursec on February 10, 2016


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