Battle Angel Alita features more of the original series then thought

It might not be the most well known manga but Battle Angel Alita is one of the most inspirational series since the likes of Akira and Ghost in the Shell. I know it’s one of my favourite manga series.

Now when Hollywood take on a masterpiece like this they do it as they know it’s got a popular following and the name alone will sell enough tickets to cover the movie. We’ve seen movies inspired by the likes of Dragon Ball and Death Note ruin the source material and leave a foul taste in the mouths of fans who once worshiped their favourite books.

I think this will be different for Battle Angel Alita as going off the trailer it looks like they have take a lot of the more inspiring and emotional parts from the movie and managed to sculpt a movie I think fans of the source material will love. The original series for BAA was huge crossing many volumes if you want to include the Last Order books although going off the latest trailer it looks like they have kept this movie as close as they can to the original 5-6 volumes. Trying to cram any of the last order books in there would be crazy.

One thing that’s clear is that James Cameron and┬áRobert Rodriguez, two film makers who deserve a lot of respect have read the source material for this movie a lot and really understand the series. Getting a decent Cyberpunk setting and feeling right is a difficult thing and they look to have done their research on this one.

In the latest trailer we see Alita suit up for her Motorball game which is a deadly sport featured in the manga in one of the later arcs.

Posted by Adi Mursec on November 21, 2018


Alita: Battle Angel movie review

A review of Battle Angel Alita, a manga adaptation which will keep the fans of the original source material very happy as Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron team up to bring this cyberpunk world to life

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