Jonathan Nolan writing Akira Script

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The Japanese manga epic Akira has had a Hollywood movie in the works for nearly a decade and has gone from crisis to crisis. With the movie rights not getting any younger and the films future in jeopardy Warner Bros have brought in the comic book movie secret weapon Jonathan Nolan in to draft a script.

The manga was an epicly huge series, it had a highly abridged Anime movie which was loved but didn’t make as much sense to many fans with so much of the story missing. To make a 2182 page manga in to a 2 hour movie it’s going to take the best comic book movie creators in recent history. Enter Jonathan Nolan.

Jonathan Nolan is only of a few names who have been brought in to create a new script for the Akira movie by Warner Bros. Nonathan has worked with his brother Christopher Nolan on the Dark Knight Movies. The movie has already been in pre production for nearly a decade and is costing the production company millions before film has even been loaded into the camera.

The Akira movie was set to start filming in February – March this year but so far it looks like it may be delayed even further making the likely hood of a movie look doubtful as the film license could expire soon.

Posted by Adi Mursec on January 9, 2012

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