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List of Transformers in Dark of the Moon

List of Autobots and  Decepticons in Transformers 3

The Transformers movie from Michael Bay was almost a cinematic masterpiece of robot cinema. The characters had a purpose, individuality and good story. The idea of the sequel was to do it all again but bigger.

Adding more Transformers and explosions diluted the story and left Michael Bay almost apologetic to fans as Revenger of the Fallen just didn't work.

With the third movie Dark of the Moon Michael Bay has promised to bring back the Transformers core mythology along with a much better story.

So far we have seen a lot of footage from the filming which has given away a lot of the characters. But now we have a list of core characters we know what to look forward to.

  • Optimus Prime (Now with Trailer) - Peter Cullen
  • Ironhide - Jess Harnell
  • Bumblebee
  • Silverbolt - James Avery
  • Ratchet
  • Sideswipe
  • The Wreckers - Autobot sub team
  • Megatron - Hugo Weaving
  • Soundwave
  • Shockwave - Corey Burton
  • Starscream - Charles Adler
  • The Dreads - Decepticon sub group

It's a fairly short list compared to Revenge of the Fallen which is great news as it looks like they are going back to the root of the series.

lolyou forgot centenial prime

AdiWould he go under Autobots of Decepticons.... SPOILER

MakkennaUmmm...What about Que and Wheelie and That other little ex-decepticon??????

teletraanNo Mirage/Dino?

monfrerewhat about wheeljack and roadbuster mirage and crankcase

ThomasSentinel well he betrayed so i guess he`d just go under both

not tellingsentinal betrayed the autobots

mike kiddthis movie rox

not tellinoptimas prime is kinda retarded because he was about to be killed by sentinal and megatron helped optimus and there optimus killed megatron i bet in next transformers which is transformers salvation i bet megatron is gonna come back to life

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