Shazam release date set for 2019

DC comics and WB have been tryign to fight back against the Marvel Studios cinematic universe by giving a whole host of DC comics icons their own movies. Along with Batman and Superman they are bringing the whole headlineing Justice League to the cinema and the super powered anti hero Shazam!

The Shazam! movie has just had its release date confirmed for 2019 along with a planned Justice League sequel.

The movie will star ex westler Dwayne Johnson who recently confirmed he would play Black Adam in the movie. Geoff Johns has also confirmed to be working on a screenplay for the movie to keep it in line with the other DC movies.


Posted by Adi Mursec on October 19, 2014


First trailer for Shazam looks amazing

Warner Bros have debuted the Shazam trailer at this years SDCC and it looks amazing, here’s the full initial trailer at what could be one of DC/Warner Bros most spot on movies for a long time.

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