Best Jack Daniels advert ever maybe the best Punisher too

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The Punisher has always been a very taboo comic super hero. He doesn’t really have any powers but did kick some serious ass in the Marvel comics and his three movies so far.

This could almost be counted as the fourth being a short but epic movie short. It features the 2004 Punisher played by Thomas Jane in an almost retired setting.

If you haven’t seen all three of the previous Punisher movies they are all worth checking out. Each had it’s own very unique take on Marvels most violent mercenary.

One of the fears when Disney bought Marvel was that we may never see an R/18 cert movie from Disney especially as violent as this short movie. But that doesn’t mean another studio couldn’t produce another Frank Castle movie. With the thought of Sony planning on a movie franchise cross over surrounding Spider-man maybe they could take Punisher into that universe.

Thanks to comic vine for the video.

Posted by Adi Mursec on July 16, 2012

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