Ghost Rider 2 Release Date

Some say the first Avenger in the Marvel Universe was Captain America but to others it will always be Ghost Rider. The first movie starring Nicolas Cage was received with mixed reviews but Marvel have taken what worked and thrown away anything that didn’t to make the 2012 sequel a must see.

The main thing that failed in the first movie was the story, too much of the original comic back story and not enough of the modern day comic series most are familiar with and defiantly not fit for the general movie watching public.

The Avengers also has a release date in 2012 but for those who don’t want to wait Ghost Rider written by David S. Goyer the writer behind Batman Begins will give fans a whole new Ghost Rider fit for the cinema.

Country Date
Australia 13th February 2012
Belgium 15th February 2012
France 15th February 2012
Netherlands 16th February 2012
Thailand 16th February 2012
Brazil 17th February 2012
Canada 17th February 2012
Italy 17th February 2012
South Africa 17th February 2012
Spain 17th February 2012
USA 17th February 2012
UK 22nd February 2012
Germany 23rd February 2012
Portugal 23rd February 2012
Norway 24th February 2012
Sweden 24th February 2012

Posted by Adi Mursec on November 15, 2011


Ghost Rider : Spirit of Vengeance Trailer

Next years most underrated comic book movies, Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance finally gets it first official trailer released.

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