Crash on The Flash movie set as Bat-bike collides with car

The UK has been the set for a lot of superhero movies over the last few years from Morbius and Captain America filming in Manchester to the Batman being filmed in Glasgow. This week. The Flash movie has been filming a car chase featuring Rick English as Batman, I think Rick may have portraid Batman in more movies than anyone.

The chase scene they are filming for the Flash movie features Batman in daylight chasing a hummer while blasting through traffic. Today while filming we saw just why they use professional stunt people for this kind of work as the Bat-bike collided with two cars. With a less talented driver this could have been serious accident but from what I’ve seen Rick got up and they kept filming.

Rick is the same stunt driver they used for Robert Pattinson in The Batman movie which was also filmed in Glasgow just a few months earlier.

The Flash movie is going to be a major shift in WB/DC movies with it bringing Michael Keaton back and introducing a new Supergirl to the screen. Personally it’s my most anticipated comic book movie at the moment with a release date of November 2022.

Thanks to Jack Proctor 

Posted by Adi Mursec on August 1, 2021

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