Black Panther Movie Review

Black Panther Movie Review

"Marvel Studios has raised the bar on comic book movies"

5/5 Reviewed by Adi Mursec

Marvel have reinvented not only comic book movie but movies in general, in many ways they seem to keep a lot of theatres open by delivering a movie every few months which will sell out showings for the first few weeks of their release.

It’s gotten to the point that they could take the Warner Bros approach and throw some big characters together in poorly written movie and it would still make a profit. But Marvel have created an intertwined series of movies which none other could compare. The overall quality seems to jump up each year and with Infinity War round the corner it’s important that their upcoming movies are a big hit.

Black Panther is a movie that doesn’t disappoint, it delivers a window into a new movie franchise with so many new and fresh characters which you leave the cinema thinking you’ve known for years. Marvel Studios have just gotten so good at delivering a story with good character development and casting some great actors too.  If you look at the recent DC movies it’s hard to identify iconic characters we’ve known for decades just because of the botched story. It’s amazing how Marvel Studios manage to keep delivering these well developed hits.

Overall I did love this movie but it didn’t come without a few minor flaws. Being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe it comes with a bit of restriction, they always try to appeal to a very wide audience which in some ways as they make great family movies but I’d love to see a more open approach like with Deadpool.

The setting of the movie was overall pretty unique as were a lot of characters but some of the themes seemed a bit reused. It felt similar to Thor in a lot of ways as the story had those family ties. I can’t complain though, it worked well for Thor and give us a good feeling for the characters motives.

If I had to group Black Panther with other Marvel movies I’d say it was up there with Captain America and Iron Man. It’s the first Black Panther solo movie and keeps pretty stand alone. Although I was wondering if Captain America and Bucky would help out at some point as I think they should have been hiding around in Wakanda somewhere. They could have sold this movie with few cross overs but kept it self contained and I give them respect for that.

One thing Marvel Studios have is a decent budget which means they can pretty much hire whoever they want. Getting Michael Keaton to play the Vulture in Spider-man was amazing casting and to get Michael B. Jordan aboard this movie was another great move. I’m not usually a massive fan of comic book movies where the bad guy is just an evil version of the good guy, same powers etc but it wasn’t the case in this movie. I haven’t seen Michael B. Jordan make a bad movie, ok Fantastic Four could have been better but his casting was one of the best bits of that movie. I’m glad Marvel finally brought him into the franchise but I’m disappointed they couldn’t keep in in for more. He’s maybe one of the few actors I think could take over from Wesley Snipes as Blade.

The special effects in this movie look to have pushed the bar up for comic book movies. Everything looked really smooth and it’s come a long way since the original Hulk movies or even the first Iron Man. The Wakanda science makes Iron Man look like a kid playing with Lego, even Black Panthers suit seems cooler. They managed to make it believable that his suit could just materialise out of his necklace which is a impressive feat.


Posted by Adi Mursec on February 20, 2018


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