Aldis Hodge cast as Hawkman

The Black Adam movie at one point looked like it could have been cancelled but all of a sudden it’s finally started production and we are seeing some of the cast fill out. It looks like the movie will be set way before the Justice League movie takes place when the Justice Society were around. Now it’s an interesting concept as we could see a full Justice Society team or this movie could be the first in a whole series of movies where we see the Justice Society rise and fall.

There have been a few rumours about who will be playing Hawkman in the movies with one even saying Ryan Reynolds was considered but official word now is that Aldis Hodge has taken the role.

Before this casting I wasn’t too massively interested in the movie but I think it says a lot about the production. It looks like they have spent a long time figuring out what direction to take this movie in and I think we have seen a few dark horses surprise the audience in the last few years. The Joker was a good example of what the DC movies are capable of and this could really surprise people when it’s released.

Posted by Adi Mursec on October 2, 2020


Black Adam Movie Review

A review of Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, a dark horse which delivers one of the best comic book movies for years.

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