Ben Affleck cast as Justice League Batman

The biggest comic book news of the year has to be the re casting of Batman from Christian Bale to the just announced Ben Affleck.

Ben Affleck will don the cowel in the 2015 Man of Steel sequel Batman vs Superman which will be continue the run of movies based on Frank Millers Batman Graphic novels.

The 2015 Batman vs Superman movie will likley introduce the Green Arrow and a Lex Luthor into the movieverse too running up to the Justice League movie.

The casting of Ben Affleck as Batman could have started last year when he was first rumoured to be Directing the Justice League movie. He was found to be meeting people about the Justice League movie and everyone assumed he would be directing. At the time nobody thought he would be playing the Dark Knight.

Overall he looks to be a great addition to the cast, although the Daredevil movie wasn’t amazing it wasn’t his fault. The Daredevil movie was a prototype for a darker super hero movie and worked well and without it we might not have had Batman Begins.

Posted by Adi Mursec on August 23, 2013


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