Joss Whedon signs up to Direct Batgirl movie

Since stepping away from the Avengers franchise Joss Whedon had been thought to be working on a new creator owned movie but it looks like he has just signed on to Write, Produce and Direct the new Batgirl movie for Warner Bros and DC Entertainment.

Joss seems like the right creative for the job. He has had a lot of success in the past creating strong female lead characters and also knows comics as well as anyone.

Before Joss started work on the Avengers movie he has pitched the idea of a Wonder Woman movie to WB but it was turned down at the time as they didn’t see it working.

On the matter of his cancelled Wonder Woman movie, Whedon told Empire

I worked really hard on that movie and it meant a lot [to me], but I don’t know if what I was trying to do would fit in with what [the studio’s] vision is. I had a take on the film that, well, nobody liked… We just saw different movies, and at the price range this kind of movie hangs in, that’s never gonna work.

Now Wonder Woman looks to be one of the most popular characters the DC comics movies looks to have and they have seen the error in their ways and are making up for it now. WB are also said to be working on a Gotham Sirens movie which could cross over with Batgirl in some way.

Source: Variety 

Posted by Adi Mursec on April 9, 2017

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