Webcomics have come a long way in the last few years and some have huge on-line followings growing into cult like status.

Feel free to get in touch if you have have been working on one and would like it being made into a feature.


sideways8studios Webcomics

A few indie comics from Jeff Pina. Sideways8Studios have made some awesome webcomics which poke fun at anything from Twilight to the Smurfs.

Cat and Meringue

It’s about time I returned to web comics. Thanks to the amazing talent of Nich Angell. Cat and Meringue is an epic tale of two friends on a boat getting up to mischief.

Son of the Hulk video

Waiting for the Avengers? why not take a look at this amazing fan made Son of the Hulk short.


Our first webcomic “Manmachine” is from “Epic Drawn Comics” and is definitely worth a look. It has an original story with some amazing first class art work which has the wow factor.

Super Deformed Transformers Flash Movie

This is probably one of the best Transformers fan works made. I am not sure who exactly made it but it has been on the internet for a few years and has had a huge following.

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