Valerian movie world wide release date

Being based on a French comic you’d expect it to open in France first but it looks like they may need to wait almost a week longer compared to a few other countries. Although within the space of two to three weeks it should be available world wide.

Country Release Date
Argentina 20th July 2017
Czech Republic 20th July 2017
Germany 20th July 2017
Denmark 20th July 2017
Israel 20th July 2017
Cambodia 20th July 2017
Singapore 20th July 2017
Bulgaria 21st July 2017
Hong Kong 21st July 2017
Hungary 21st July 2017
Romania 21st July 2017
Taiwan 21st July 2017
USA 21st July 2017
France 26th July 2017
Netherlands 26th July 2017
Portugal 27th July 2017
Turkey 27th July 2017
Sweden 2nd August 2017
Estonia 4th August 2017
UK 4th August 2017
Ireland 4th August 2017
Norway 4th August 2017
Australia 10th August 2017
Brazil 10th August 2017
Russia 10th August 2017
Italy 15th September 2017

Posted by Adi Mursec on April 9, 2017

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